About Us

Voigue’s core mission is to provide a premier business support service to a variety of industries, reinforcing their administrative and technical functionalities with the provision of adequate resources.

It is guarantee that clients will reap the benefits from cost savings, reduced concerns about human resources and infrastructure, equipment provision, as well as knowledge and skill sharing. 

Voigue is comprised of three main divisions: Sales, Human Resources, and Infrastructure and Equipment Provision.

It had been established in 2017 by Thuthi Abey, where Voigue has evolved into a well-established organization with a service offering face in Australia and the UK, and a service provisioning face in Sri Lanka.

Perceiving the common problem faced by companies across the globe: high costs, Voigue with their team of experts had been able to  establish global connections with businesses

The primary objective has always been to comprehend challenges faced by companies and offer effective solutions, while keeping it cost effective. 

The Voigue team has consistently viewed it as an enjoyable learning experience while simultaneously providing solutions to businesses of diverse backgrounds. This is what has kept them up to date of unique challenges. 

They remain committed to enhancing their services in all aspects, aiming to set higher industry standards. Embracing their clients’ challenges as their own, Voigue believes that each issue resolved is a valuable lesson learned and a superior solution delivered.


Voigue offers a variety of services which includes:

  • Virtual Assistance Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Software and Web development Services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping Services
  • IT Support Services

Our Vision

World as a whole, working together without geographical restrictions.

Our Mission

The team’s mission is to eliminate geographical boundaries for organisations to approach the external support that they require to reinforce their business growth and drive towards success.

Our Awards and recognition

We are honored to have received the following awards and recognition, and take pride in being acknowledged for our efforts in serving our clients across the globe. We will always be grateful for our fellow employees for their contribution and commitment to making it all work!

Our Values



Equity as a value is grounded in the belief that all individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that everyone should have access to equal opportunities, regardless of their background, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. In practice, Voigue prioritize equity as a core value taking proactive steps to ensure that our policies and practices do not inadvertently create or perpetuate disparities or injustices. It helps us build a stronger, more resilient, and more successful business overtime.



At our company, we believe that being “people-friendly” is more than just a value—it’s a way of doing business. We strive to create a work environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and supported. We value open communication, empathy, and collaboration, and encourage our teammates to bring their whole selves to work. To us, at Voigue, being people-friendly means putting our customers first too. We believe that by building genuine relationships with our customers and truly listening to their needs, we can better understand how to provide excellent service.

Ultimately, we believe that being people-friendly is not just the right thing to do—it’s good for business. By creating a positive and inclusive work environment, we can attract and retain top talent, build strong relationships with our customers, and foster a culture of innovation and creativity.



Integrity is incredibly important for real and everlasting growth at Voigue. This principle we call as a core element results from the flexibility, openness and diversity that we accept from employees working with us helping us to adapt to realistic situations that are foreseeable and unforeseeable globally. High level of integrity at the workplace demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness amongst our clients and employees.



Our team at Voigue considers workplace compassion more of an action than an emotion. We promote such behaviour to increase employee engagement, dedication and loyalty ultimately allowing it to have a positive impact on the performance culture. Vogue also believes that to be compassionate to one another in the team helps improve overall organisational health, and this goodness our team receives will often motivate them to aim to achieve the company goals.



We crave unity and sense of belonging by nature and are highly dependent on lasting relationships and bonds with other individuals in order to thrive. As a company that continues to evolve and grow, we have established a culture that is inclusive, diverse and filled with moments and sense of belonging, and this perception constructed a leadership that solidifies and unites the entire workforce at Voigue creating an environment to work together towards a common goal. Having more tools and techniques in this digital era has brought us closer together making communication effective, a key to influencing others and creating powerful teams, relationships and joint forces to achieve successful outcomes.. Such creativity and innovation had only brought us closer together to help us go further to reach higher and greater extents.

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