To strengthen the service to our clients and provide an excelling service by onboarding the best source of talent, Voigue after much consideration and research decided to collaborate with Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (A.P.I.I.T).
A.P.I.I.T, is one of the leading higher education providers in Sri Lanka providing undergraduate programs, post graduate programs and foundation programs in computing, Business and Law.

Voigue APIIT

The young generation of graduate have an inspiration to learn and gain the exposure and  experience the reality of the corporate world after freshly graduating. Voigue intends to help them build their career while they enhance their knowledge, through the practicalities of day to day business. Such young minds are those that think outside the box, does it differently, or simply those that we call more innovative.

On Friday, 20 January 2023, Voigue together with A.P.I.I.T concluded the Memorandum Of Understanding, to reinforce the Sri Lankan Talent as well as assist businesses across the world expand their businesses. Voigue’s contribution and their goal to make a positive impact on globalization by breaking the barriers will continue to thrive with the collaborations we make with A.P.I.I.T and other institutions across the country.

Voigue Apiit