Canva, the renowned Australian web-based design platform, is taking a giant leap forward with the introduction of Magic Studio – one of its most significant product launches to date. Magic Studio features the latest AI-powered tools that not only enhance your creative process but also help you create designs like a seasoned professional. 

Generative AI is at the core of this transformation, providing users with access to the latest design styles, along with tailored recommendations to meet their specific requirements. Let’s delve deeper into the time-saving features that Canva offers, taking your design process to the next level. 

Magic Design

A standout feature that enables you to effortlessly transform your media into various templates and styles to suit your context. Customized templates, images, and graphics streamline the process, allowing you to create precisely what you need with just a few clicks. 

Magic Design for Video: 

For video enthusiasts, this is a game-changer. It simplifies the transformation of your clips and images into concise and engaging videos without the need for extensive editing. The ‘Beat sync’ tool even lets you add the perfect soundtrack to set the mood for your videos. 

Magic Switch: 

This world-first tool goes a step further by not only adapting your creations to multiple styles for various platforms but also auto-translates your content into over 100 different languages within seconds. With a simple click, you can turn a complex advertisement into an attractive poster in Spanish or a critical news topic into an engaging blog post. 

Magic Writer: 

Another creative feature, it uses generative AI to turn your ideas into a first draft in a flash. For instance, if you need a ‘product description,’ Canva generates the content you need with the most suitable choice of words. The latest version even allows you to infuse a brand voice into your work, making you sound both confident and professional. 

Magic Animate: 

Canva eliminates the need for expensive animation software or extensive experience. It brings your creations to life by adding stylish transitions and animations to presentations, posts, or any graphics, all with a simple click. 

Brand Hub

Canva has also launched its new Brand Hub, a valuable resource for creative teams to manage and develop their brand. The hub offers guidance for creating templates and guidelines, and the ‘Brand Kit’ centralizes all your designs, graphics, and drafts in one convenient space. 

While Canva’s Magic Studio offers a plethora of creative possibilities, it’s not always easy to fully harness its potential. That’s where Voigue’s virtual assistants come into play. Voigue optimizes the Canva platform by equipping its virtual assistants with the expertise to navigate and utilize its features effectively. 

Voigue ensures that their virtual assistants can seamlessly create stunning designs, engaging content, and more using Canva’s AI-powered tools. This fusion of Canva’s innovation and Voigue’s optimization results in a powerful synergy, promising to empower users and virtual assistants alike with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of design and AI technology, Canva’s AI upgrade and Voigue’s commitment to optimization combine to empower their virtual assistants with the tools they need to turn their creative visions into reality. At Voigue, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients benefit from the very best that AI technology has to offer. We’re creating magic with Canva, enhancing the creative journey for all. Join us on this exciting adventure of innovation and wonder!